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Eco Media Player

"My original windup radio pioneered a new eco technology that is as relevant and cutting edge today as it was 16 years ago. A new generation has grown up with many electronic devices that were inconceivable when I created my radio. Now we have developed a range of products that combine the best of these modern ideas with the freedom and energy efficiency of windup technology.
Welcome to the next generation."
Trevor Baylis OBE

Wind-up demonstrationPower - Windup / USB
The eco windup system means that you never need to worry about running out of power or wasting environmentally harmful batteries. One minute of winding gives up to 40 minutes of play time so it’s ideal for the beach or long weekends in the country - you can even use it to charge your mobile phone in an emergency!
Alternatively, you can still charge the media player conventionally through the USB port of your computer.

Media - Music / Video / Radio
Watch your favourite movies and music videos on the bright full colour screen. Listen to the music and movie soundtrack on the superb sound system or tune into your favourite programmes on the FM stereo radio. View your photo albums and read ebooks - any time, any place. With or without power!

Plays video, music, photosStorage - Internal Memory / SD Card
You can store all your media and data onto the 2gb internal memory, and even more with plug in SD cards. When connected to your computer the device will appear as an external disk drive so you can easily “drag and drop” all your favourite media files.

Transform your large record collection into a palm-sized format by using this device to record from old cassette and record players. Use the built in microphone to record voice memos or whatever is going on around you.


Dual power system
Internal Lithium Ion battery can be recharged fully via PC/Laptop USB port, or internal ECO-Dynamo system which provides approx 40 minutes audio play time for each 1 minute of winding.
Max Play Time: 20 Hours.

Phone charger
Emergency charge for popular mobile phones.
Simply connect phone to with the provided connector and wind the generator to charge phone.

Super bright torch
0.3W High brightness LED

Audio stereo system
Super Hi-Fi audio reproduction of:- mp3, wma, asf, wav, ogg.
Stereo 3.5mm headphones jack.
High quality headphones included.
Mono loudspeaker built-in.

Audio recording
Stereo Line-In digital recording of external analogue devices such as tape decks, record players*, other audio sources. Encodes to MP3. Selectable recording quality 64k, 128k, 192k bits / sec.

Video player
Plays movies in full colour and with excellent audio reproduction. Supported formats:- asv (mp4). (wmv, avi, mpeg etc supported via conversion utility)
Colour LCD screen 1.8” 0.21 million pixels.

Trevor Baylis showing off the Eco Media PlayerFM stereo radio
Super on-chip PLL FM radio with digital precision tuning.
87.5Mhz - 108Mhz.
RECORD FM Radio function.

Photo viewer
View photos in high quality on the 1.8” colour screen.
Slide-Show facility with adjustable interval. Supports:- jpeg, bmp, gif images - including gif animations.

Voice recorder
Record voice memos quickly and easily via built-in microphone.

Memory management
Internal memory supports normal Microsoft® Windows® folders and file storage. When connected to PC via USB, the device memory simply appears as an “external disk drive”. Use Windows Explorer® to simply drag and drop media files into the device. Stores around 250 tracks per 1Gb of memory. Optional SD Card memory (up to 4Gb) can be added at any time. 2Gb built-in memory. Note:- SDHC - the high capacity format cards are not supported.

USB connection
Includes standard USB cable and supports High Speed USB 2.0 data transfer.

NOTE: The software supplied is for PC Windows only. The Eco Media Player will show as an external drive when connected to a Mac running OS 10 or later, but the supplied conversion software is Windows only. You can still transfer your media files to the player though.

* Direct analogue recording from a record deck (turntable) may require the use of "pre-amp" to achieve "line level" recording. Refer to your turntable manufacturer for details.

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  • Model: EMP-MX71
  • Manufactured by: Trevor Baylis Brands

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