About Us

Ecodigital is a trading name of Site-Street Ltd, an incorporated company that operates from a base in the South East of England.

Ecodigital believes :-

  • That it is self evident that the digital age is upon us. Seemingly every day a new product is launched that incorporates digital technology.
  • That we all have a responsibility of care towards planet Earth.
  • In making available appropriate products to the public through the internet via the company website.
  • That e-commerce gives customers an easy method of buying from the company without the negative impact on the environment of retail outlets. Environmentally, this results in less paper advertising and less customer journeys. Less retail shop space means lower use of energy to heat and run, which is good for world fuel resources.
  • Ethical trading should be pursued.
  • Where possible that customers should be able to buy products that incorporate the latest technology and have some positive effect on the environment. It may not always be feasible to achieve this ambition but we feel it is a worthy goal.

These ideas are the guiding principal behind Ecodigital although the company exists in the real world so sometimes compromises may need to be made. One area that can NEVER be compromised is the service Ecodigital gives to its customers.

We will not always get everything right but we will ALWAYS try our best to meet the needs of our customers.